The Bengal is a medium to large domestic cat that originates from crossing the small Asian Leopard Cat to the domestic cat, creating a companion with an exotic look and a friendly temperament.

The Bengal's beautiful coat makes it stand out in a crowd.  Shades of brown, orange, sand, buff, silver, or ivory make up the background colour.  Some Bengal patterns display striking rosettes, spots, or swirls made up of more than one colour, usually a secondary colour forming a dark outlining of the pattern.

The Bengal cat is active and has a happy, interactive, and extremely intelligent personality.  Every domestic cat breed has it's unique features, and the exotic heritage of the Bengal cat can be seen in it's every day activities. 

While Bengals will happily search out a lap or stretch out on the sofa next to you during naptime, they are very active during the rest of the time.  Whether playing in their water bowls, fetching a ball for their families, taking walks on a leash, or leaping to the top of the highest cupboards, Bengals are constantly on the move.

Bengals are perfect for those who want to interact and play with their cat daily.  Like many other varieties of pet, the Bengal cat demands a good deal of attention and affection and enjoys being an integral part of the family.  

This Information has been sourced from The International Bengal Cat Society, Inc. with their permission.

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